Synopsis Public Beta 2 is available. Want to know more? - join our slack channel

There are many ways to contribute to the Synopsis project.

First, you can use it and provide feedback, report bugs, and suggest improvements on our github. You can join our slack channel and participate.

Secondly, you can join our crowd source data labeling project- suggest new data sources, more diverse concepts, and help label existing and new data to make Synopsis better, less biased, and learn more, and be more useful to everyone.

Finally, you can donate via Github Sponors, to help financially support the project. Synopsis is a passion project spearheaded by Anton Marini with support from Vidvox, and ChloƩ Desaulles. Open source software, while free, is expensive to develop and maintain, and your contributions got a long way to making continued devlopment sustainable.

Thank you

  • Anton Marini & the Synopsis community.