Synopsis Public Beta 2 is available. Want to know more? - join our slack channel

Synopsis Framework powers Analyzer and Inspector and lets your apps:

  • Read metadata generated from Analyzer or other tools implementing Synopsis metadata specification.
  • Analyze media to generate new metadata
  • Write metadata using our metadata codec
  • Use extended file system attributes to make media files Spotlight friendly
  • Mathematically compare metadata using various metrics
  • Tools to build novel next generation smart media UIs
  • Provides standard UI components to display metadata

Pretained Models

CinemaNet provides pre-trained models outside of just the SDK. If you are looking to target other platforms, or want to build custom solutions, our models suitable for realtime usage even on mobile.

Using Googles industry standard MobileNetV2 neural network architecture, we provide models in CoreML (.mlmodel), Keras (.h5), Tensorflow (.pb) formats as well as JSON.


If you are interested in integrating Synopsis.framework into your product - please get in touch, were happy to help.